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Links To Other UK Sites

Cocaine Anonymous UK

Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem, and help others to recover from their addiction to cocaine and all other mind altering substances.

“To preserve and improve human life.”

This site is aimed at those of you who are in some way affected by homelessness, substance misuse or been emotionally harmed by the atrocious care system this country brings parentless kids up in. By using the links which are on this site, I hope it will help you in some way make life a little more easier. If you read up on the legislation and the duty the councils have towards you, it will give you a good understanding of your rights! There is also a homeless poetry section on here, where you can submit any poems you may have wrote about homelessness. I also intend to have a message board, where you can bring up issues or leave a message for someone you may wish to find or contact.

Bright Eye Drugs and Alcohol Counselling Online

An online counselling and psychology service for people having problems with drugs or alcohol. A cognitive approach which encourages you to develop your own solutions. The service provides extensive psychological resources to complement the online sessions.

Reciprocal Links

My Alcohol Detox Help

A website dedicated to alcohol detox.

In Memory of Josh

At this site, you will find a very profound poem written by my nephew. Anyone struggling with an addiction should read this poem. I hope it gives you strength to live a clean and sober life, one day at a time.

TMJ Surgery Family!

We are a support group of patients who have had TMJ surgery or are contemplating surgery in the near future. The members here are a diverse group with varying degrees of TMJ surgeries that range from less invasive procedures to total tempromandibular joint reconstruction with joints such as the Concepts, Lorenz and Christensen. We invite you to join our community!

Proactive Solution

is a revolutionary, dermatologist-developed Combination Therapy® system that helps the skin heal the blemishes you have now - and helps stop new ones from forming - in three quick, easy steps.


Ambien is a drug used to treat Insomnia (inability to sleep). Get full information about Ambien usage, side effects, insomnia, Ambien benefits and various sleep disorders at


Lipitor drug is used for the treatment of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.Get complete information on the cholesterol-lowering drug at

Sensi Cannabis Search Engine

All kind of information on Cannabis products, related subjects, all cannabis strains, hybrids and seeds.

Transitions Recovery Program

Drug rehab center treating drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis, and eating disorders.

Canada Online Drugs

Canada Online Drugs from


12 Step Treatment Centres

12 step treatment centres offering care for drug addiction / alcoholism or any addiction related problems. To view a centre please log onto 12 step treatment



This site aims to collect the better articles that are available on internet. These are about health and health related topics. The information on the site is accessible to everyone. References and links are provided to our sources.

Liberty House, Sober Living Home for Men and Teens

We are a reputable residential drug and alcohol recovery sober living home. The Liberty House drug and alcohol abuse program is rooted in 12 step, accountability and responsibility. We provide residents with the tools needed to resume a fulfilling and meaningful life in sobriety.

San Diego Outpatient Substance Abuse Drug Therapy

Lasting Recovery provides comprehensive, individualized outpatient alcohol and drug treatment for those individuals and families who suffer from the effects of alcoholism, addictions, chemical dependency, substance abuse, and relapses desiring recovery.

Drug Treatment Centers and Drug Rehabilitation

Sober Living drug and alcoholism treatment centers provide help for chemical dependency, substance abuse, and alcoholism; while living on the beach

Drug Court Alternatives and Drug Addiction Recovery

The Drug Court Alternatives Program in Orange County California provides carefully monitored treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction recovery for individuals with addiction-related problems who are interested in alternative sentencing programs and work release.

Drug Rehab

Cirque Lodge, Sundance Utah provides private and exclusive drug rehab treatment in the serenity of the mountains. Cirque Lodge is consistently rated as one of the top ten alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers in the world. Go to their web site and see why

Teen Drug Addiction

Providing information for parents to help troubled teens by prevention,intervention and a support network, who has been struggling with drug abuse and or alcohol abuse.


An information site dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up to date information on ephedra.

Weight Loss

Get your desired body shape with effective weight loss!


Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, which works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite.


This medicine is used to lighten pain and inflammation. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is known as COX-2 inhibitor. Celebrex is used to treat the acute pain, arthritis and menstrual pain. You can also use this medicine in other circumstances for treatment, as if determined by your doctor.


Asacol is imperative that one should not crush, break, or chew the capsules or tablet. It is meant to be swallowed in whole. Mesalamine are specially designed to release the medication only after they have passed through ones stomach.

Trouble Teens

Dedicated to providing parents with only the best articles and advice on dealing with their teenagers.

Online Zopiclone

Zopiclone is used to relieve hay fever, allergies, colds, sedatives, tranquilizers, or sleeping medicine, prescription pain medicine or narcotics, including some dental anesthetics.Zopiclone causes drowsy or dizziness, lightheaded, clumsy or unsteady especially in older persons.

An Online drugstore-

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Drug Rehabilitation - Scripps

Scripps McDonald Center is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to drug rehabilitation.

Himalayan Goji Juice, Xango, Hydroderm and MonaVie

Order Xango, Himalayan Goji Juice, Strivectin for weightloss, Shu Li and try the true juice Barleygreen.

Mixcat Interactive Resources

Website on Rehabilitation centres

The Heroin Line

This site is dedicated to helping those with Heroin (or any other) addictions, to break themselves FREE. Talk to X Addicts on line or by e-mail.


Disability information, general, specific, relevant issues by a disabilty activist.

First Step To Curing Acne 

At a loss for how to cure acne. Get the facts, then get your cure.

Boot Camps For Teens

Learn more about teen boot camps, juvenile boot camp for bad kids, boot camps for children, military schools for boys and teenagers.

Selfhelp Module For Cannabis Users

An online selfhelp module for cannabis users who want to cut back or stop there cannabis smoking.

Chelation Therapy Facts

Get the facts on Chelation Therapy and Coronary Heart Disease. Why are big drug companies trying to hush it up?

Hope By The Sea

A center for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment. Detox, Alcoholism Treatment, Drug Rehab, Chemical Dependency Treatment.

Hope Trust

We are a Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India based Non Profit Organisation offering Alcohol Drug Abuse(rehab) rehabilitation, counseling, treatment services to person addicted with Alcohol and Drugs.

A kidney stone is a painful ordeal. If you have one, the best thing to do in most cases is to wait. In most patients, kidney stones will break down and pass through the urinary tract.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation and addiction treatment program.

Drug Rehab Options

Drug Rehab Options offers guidelines for choosing the right drug treatment program. Extensive resources directory.

Medical Device Company

Surgical Medical Device Manufacturer Ion Fusion Surgical.

Skin care and more.

Hylexin skin care avotone lipovarin.

Viagara Journals

Information provided by journals & newsletters.

On Line Pharmacy

Online pharmacy with cheap prescription drugs.

Dual Diagnosis

Information and resources for dual diagnosis, addiction treatment, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and other mental health and addiction issues.

Detox Center

Information and resources relating to drug and alcohol detoxification, addiction treatment and prescription drugs.


Order Phentermine from 1st Phentermine pharmacy.

Kidney Stone Treatment - RG Hospital

Kidney stone Hernia Infertility Treatment India -R.G. Stone Urological Research Institute.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music

Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Teen Drug Abuse

In the Teen Drug Abuse website we discuss the effects of teen drug abuse and teen alcohol abuse and the associated problems therein.

Acne Resource Center

Explore the Acne Resource Center for hundreds of articles on acne, including research on acne, an in-depth look at the different kinds of acne and how to cope with the emotional effects of acne.

Drug Rehabilitation Program

Holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program designed by recovering addicts with over 17 years of experience. Chronic relapse and dual diagnosis specialists serving the entire United States and abroad. Call anytime day or night for a free professional consultation at 800-559-9503.

Alcoholism Recovery Resource For Gay & Lesbian Alcoholics.

Alcoholism recovery resource for gay & lesbian alcoholics. Provides Do I Need Help? checklist, gifts, books, movies, nutrition and U.S. group meetings info.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab / Recovery Network

Drug rehab and alcoholism rehabilitation programs offer the struggling alcoholic and drug addict a new chance at life and a new beginning. Dual Diagnosis, Outpatient, Inpatient, Residential, Detox Care at Support Systems Homes.

Saint Jude Retreat House

Saint Jude Retreat House is a social/educational model of alcohol and drug addiction recovery. The Jude Thaddeus Program is a drug rehabilitation centers alternative.

Drug Rehab Center Rehabilitation Centers

The Jude-Thaddeus Program is a residential social/educational model of recovery. The Jude-Thaddeus Program teaches people how to have a quality of life that is so much better than the activity of drinking and/or drugging that they naturally will decide not to use anymore.Our program is a social based program that emphasizes the process of learning through doing, experiencing, and providing positive role models.

Support Systems Drug Rehabilitation

Support Systems Homes offers comprehensive, affordable treatment options for individuals with substance abuse related issues. We provide detox, residential, day, and outpatient treatment and have 18 sober living environments in California.


Articles and Directories for: Addictions, Prevention, Recovery, Health and Wellness, Medical, Mental Health, Family, Education, Professionals, Spirituality, and Social Issues.

Scripps Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol treatment resources from Scripps.