Welcome to Drugs Information UK.

This web site “Drugs information UK” is dedicated to, and is for the help of people who are struggling with a Drug Addiction their family, a loved one or friend who is addicted to drugs. These pages will give you information on various drugs such as Heroin, Cannabis, Cocaine,Ecstasy, LSD, Magic Mushrooms and many others.

Other pages of interest include The Law and Help, with information on Rehabilitation Centres. It will also give you information on what to look for and mainly what you can expect to happen.
Through personal experience, and listening to other parents in the same predicament, we have been able to collate various Drugs Information, which will hopefully help others to understand what is going on.

This website “Drugs Information UK” has been redesigned for easy of use, for those who don’t have the experience of going on the Internet to find things out. After viewing this site, should you have any input to offer we would be grateful for a short e-mail.