What Are Poppers

Poppers is a term used for a group of chemicals known as Alkyl Nitrites, these include Butyl Nitrite, Amyl Nitrite and Isobutyl Nitrite. On the street the names used vary which include Rush, Thrust, Liquid Gold, Ram, Rock Hard, TNT, Amyl and others. Poppers come as a clear or gold-coloured liquid in bottles or tubes. Poppers are taken by inhaling the vapour thorough the mouth or nose. Care must be taken because if this substance is swallowed the consequences could be fatal. Poppers are being used lately in dance cultures as they give the user a rush of energy, the effect however do not last very long, they usually fade about two to five minutes after the initial intake.

Effects And Risks Of Taking Poppers

Effects of Poppers:

  • Users get a very brief but intense head rush. This is caused by a sudden surge of blood through the heart and brain.
  • Some users indicate that they get the sense of time slowing down.
  • Blood vessels dilate (enlarge) resulting in a flushed face and neck.
  • The effects usually last between 2 – 5 minutes.

Risks of Poppers:

  • If taken whilst dancing this drug can make people feel faint and sick.
  • Taking Alkyl Nitrites is very dangerous for people with anaemia, glaucoma, breathing or heart problems.
  • Users often experience a headache afterwards.
  • Regular use can cause skin problems around the mouth and nose.
  • Poppers can burn the skin if spilt.
  • Poppers can kill if swallowed.

Are Poppers Addictive

Unfortunately there is little information on Poppers even though they have been around for so many years. The simple answer is no they are not addictive, such as the likes of Heroin and Cocaine. However the user could keep taking the drug unconsciously just to get that rush.